Line Painting Edmonton for New Line Painting and Re-Painting Jobs


Line Painting Edmonton is one of the most reliable, prompt, and high quality line painting professional services on the market. Whether you need new line painting for a new establishment parking lot or a repainting, we can deliver the best service around.


New Line Painting and Layout

 Line painting for roads and parking lots is very important as it assists motorists in their safe travel along roads and their safe and proper use of parking lots.

 For new parking lot line painting projects, Line Painting Edmonton offers more than just line painting but also layouts. Just provide a printout of the desired parking layout and let the company do the rest. The company’s pro painters have the necessary expertise in professional line painting and are highly skilled in the proper layout methods.

 Line Painting Edmonton also prides itself for its keen attention to detail. Prior to painting the lines in your parking lot, the team will first measure parking spaces to make sure stall widths and line lengths meet the standard and also uses long rope to ensure that all lines are even. The company is also equipped with  professional  line striping machines that enables it to do a flawless, thorough job every time.

 Line Painting Edmonton also uses highly durable paint that’s especially designed for traffic us. The paint is highly visible and lasts a long time.


Re-Painting: Give Your Parking Lot A Facelift

 Make your parking lot more attractive and also much safer for your customers by giving it a much-needed facelift. Line painting helps brief visitors about the layout of your parking lot, leads them to the entrance and exit routes, and also makes sure they park properly in the allotted spaces. Without proper line painting or if your parking lot lines have faded and are barely seen, your parking lots will surely be a mess and the risk of accidents and mishaps will be high.

 Unfortunately, over time, parking lots bear the brunt of all those vehicles along with outside elements such as gravel, sand, dust, and water. No matter how durable the paint is, parking lot lines will need a fresh coat every now and then. Thus, parking lots should have their lines repainted at least every 1 to 2 years to keep the lines visible and to keep the lots neat and well-maintained.

 For re-painting jobs, Line Painting Edmonton will not just re-paint but will follow the correct procedure for a clean and neat re-paint. First, the company will spot clean the old parking lines and double check the layout to make sure all line ends are lined up properly before applying a highly durable traffic paint.

 So if you need a quick but thorough professional line painting service that will not just get the job done but will do it with full expertise and with the right tools and equipment, Line Painting Edmonton is definitely a reliable choice.


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